Joseph is the director of a company dedicated to the sale of stationery items, both in his physical store, located in Barcelona,??and online, since three years ago.

Thanks to the fact that it became known through social networks, Joseph’s company has won a significant number of clients, not only from the Barcelona area but also from all over Spain. This is because it offers a wide range of design products and good quality, at a reasonable price and with excellent delivery conditions, among which the shipping within 24 hours.

However, and for some time, Joseph’s company is going through a delicate time, because many of their orders are not delivered within the stipulated time and some of them are incomplete due to lack of stock. This has caused the sales to have diminished significantly, forcing Joseph to dismiss some of his employees.

Joseph can no longer tolerate this situation, so he has decided to implement a quality management system to detect problems in the production process and launch a series of corrective measures to return to the previous situation.


  1. Carry out a SWOT analysis in a table explaining the current situation of the company to determine what points are in your favour and what aspects are against you. Besides, list the competitive advantages of the company.
  2. Based on the results obtained in the SWOT, focus on the threats and weaknesses and establish a series of specific objectives that Joseph wants to achieve with the implementation of a quality management system.
  3. Determine which actions or measures Joseph should implement and specifies the variables that must be addressed to detect the problem that prevents his company from thriving. (Regarding the measures of service quality and productivity).
  4. As we have seen, the Kaizen philosophy is a handy tool for the establishment of a good quality management system. Thus, write a quality management plan focusing on the different phases of the Kaizen implementation process, to detect the possible causes of the problem and establish a series of corrective measures to achieve the objectives outlined in point 2.
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