Some established hotel chains are testing the use of robots and artificial intelligence (Al) to improve efficiency and guest satisfaction. Collaborating with IBM, Hilton has unveiled “Connie,” an Al robot that answers guest requests and provides info on local attractions. And guests staying at Aloft hotels can have towels, linens and room service delivered by “Botlr,” a robotic butler. However, whether guests appreciate such futuristic automated assistants may depend on the type of traveler. Some customers like business travelers who are on the road a lot will be more open to technology from the time they check in. But perhaps if you’re going for vacation, you’ll prefer to have more human contact. Before replacing humans by robots Concierges to Help Guests, what do you think the hotel must do to guarantee the success of this idea? * Take the risk because it is a new idea and guests might like it. Conduct research to assess the opinion of their guests. O Launch this idea before other competitors do. Wait to discover the contextual factors to guarantee the success of the new idea
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