a Facebook’s Hiring Process In evaluating job applicants Facebook tries to understand a person’s abilities as both a professional and as a colleague. To execute its innovation strategy, the company wants people who are curious self-motivated, innovative, and who can understand complex ideas. 231 Because teamwork is importan person-team fit is also evaluated. After being screened by a recruiter to evaluate previous work experience, leadership roles, and what the applicant has built in the past, candidates are given a phone interview with a potential co- worker to assess job fit, skills, interests, and motivation. If that stage is passed, multiple interviews are conducted by the members of the candidate’s potential work team during an on-site visit to the Facebook campus. The focus of these interviews is on evaluating both job skills and culture fit. Candidates do a lot of coding during their interviews. Technical skill challenges are presented, and candidates are asked to write code on a whiteboard. Facebook looks for people with strong technical skills who fit the group and put the user first. Because culture fit is so important, being referred by a Facebook employee also helps.239 Facebook ultimately lets each work group make a collective deci- sion on who to hire.240 Facebook’s internship program helps to evaluate talented students, and it also invites top talent to apply. Facebook also created a programming challenge that invites potential software engineering applicants to take a timed challenge. If their code passes the test, a recruiter contacts them. To deter code sharing, code that is too similar to that of another applicant disqualifies both applicants
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