Your company Tech4Life (T4L) is in the middle of a business negotiation to test the possibility of selling or licensing a cutting-edge confidential biotechnology to the Canadian government. This highly valuable technology is developed by T4L and is effectively used to produce vaccines. Your company T4L has been requested to provide information about this sensitive technology to a potential buyer – the Canadian government. T4L must specifically disclose how the technology works and its major components.

T4L, the technology provider, is willing to provide this information to the Canadian government but only on a confidential basis and only for purposes described in the NDA.

  1. Include a clause identifying the parties to the agreement (required clause 1).
  2. How would you define the scope of confidential information and who should have access to it? (required clause 2)
  3. What contents should not fall under the definition of confidential information? (required clause 3).
  4. Injunctive relief and remedies: How should confidential information be stored and what happens if it is leaked? (required clause 4)
  5. How can the NDA be terminated? (required clause 5)
  6. Choice of Law- Forum. (required clause 6)
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