Did England have the right to tax the colonist? Yes, they did due to them being a part of England and having to follow English rule. Was it the right thing to do? That is the question that really matters. It was not the right thing to do when this colony was brand new, and they, just starting, needed to get things running when it was put into place to be taxed.

They were justified when it came to revolting. They were paying a debt that they did not cause, the debt was the King’s fault, and that is when he decided to start taxing everything, and that is when people had enough and started a revolution. Colonist had petitioned the king for representation and the king denied them access to representation for anything.

There was a mix of different things that made leaving the motherlands inevitable, such as not having the freedom they were literally paying for with taxes, there was a lack of food and jobs, not to mention money. The leadership was lacking, and if that does not make you want to leave, I do not know what would. They did not have representation but they were being given rules they can not say anything about them.

Being a woman my role would have been nurse, cook, laundry, or seamstress. I think honestly I would have been a nurse as I am very interested in medical things. Or I would have been married and at home running the family business while my husband was out fighting or out of the house.

Me being weird thought about this:

The King- “I am inevitable”- Thanos

The American Revolution- “I am Ironman”- Ironman

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