The Central Biloxi Motel located in the state of Mississippi has 216 rooms available to guests. The motel is readily accessible to interstate highways 75 and 85 and to state highways 23 and 41. The motel solicits patronage from outside the state of Mississippi through various national advertising media, including magazines of national circulation, and it maintains more than 50 billboards and highway signs within the state. Approximately 75 percent of the motel’s registered guests are from out of state. The Central Biloxi Motel refuses to rent rooms to blacks. If you answered the Commerce Clause, you are correct. The Commerce Clause grants the right to the Federal Government to regulate commerce between the States, foreign countries and the Indian Tribes. Now, what does being black in the Biloxi Motel have to do with commerce between the States. Please create an argument that the Biloxi Motel has something to do with interstate commerce. Then create an argument that refusing rooms to blacks somehow harms Interstate Commerce. Please give it some time and some thought.
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