The first week’s discussion question examines the general environment business ethics or ethics in general. Business ethics or ethics involves many other factors and interactions that impact the larger society, individuals, workers, managers, the community, and other type stakeholders.

I think that I can make this statement that almost all of us have experienced some impact of business ethics or ethical situations. It may come from your own employment, the events involving business that have impacted parents, friends, relatives, etc. These situations could have involved layoffs, business practices, and many more. My intend is to get you thinking about business ethics or ethics and any significant thoughts that you may have about this topic

For this first discussion question which is part of the online activities for this first week, I want to you to think about your own experiences with “business ethics” or ethics in general. I do not want you to do any research. This is an open-ended question for your reflections.

Prepare a written response to what you think are three important characteristics or functions of ethics in society or the global environment and three less positive results or outcomes involving business ethics or ethics in society. I am flexible on how you approach this response. You can use bullet points. However, each of your bullet point needs to be at least a paragraph with three or four sentences.

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