Which of the following contracts is enforceable even if it’s not in writing?

Erick offers to paint Jane‘s Mustang Barbie pink for $5000. Jane excepts Eric‘s offer. When Eric starts the paint job, he realizes the job will take longer than expected. Eric then calls Jean and says he will not finish the job unless Jane agrees to pay him an additional $1500. Jane excepts and tells him that she will pay the additional $1500. When Eric finishes the paint job, Jane pays him $5000 and drives off in her new pink Mustang. If Eric sues Jane for the additional $1500, he will most likely ___.

Tom is a veteran who was wrongfully denied his disability benefits by the department of veteran affairs. After the denial, he speaks with an attorney who advises him to sue the department of veteran affairs. Tom lives in Montana. Where can Tom follow his suit against the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Jim owns Houston’s finest moving truck company and he hired to independent contractors, Joe and Morris, to complete a moving job in river oaks for Miss Mary. Joe and Maurice Damage Miss Mary’s furniture that was worth $50,000. Miss Mary then Sue’s gym for the damages. Jim will most likely ___.

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