A long-term warranty period of up to 10 years for some devices such as air conditioners and electric ovens, and permanent maintenance contracts for home appliances. MARKETING MIX The marketing mix or the 4 P’s as we all know are (Product/Price/ Place/ Promotion). In the product component, the A+++ factory should focus on what it will offer to the customers. To expand its market reach and grow its market share A+++ factory modified its product line, their products now include smartphones as well as contentment with the agreement with large exhibitions for the disposal of household electrical appliances such as Sharaf DG or Extra Bahrain and the central markets Carrefour and Lulu hypermarket. Price as a second part of the marketing mix made A+++ factory use a premium pricing strategy which encouraged people to purchase more expensive products for a higher value. This strategy helped them to maintain their high-end, especially image. At the third P of the 4 P’s, we have Place which will be in the Hidd industrial incubator Hidd Area and there will be no showrooms to save on expenses, where we depended on manufacturing and not assembly. In this part of the marketing mix, we can see how the firm adapts to changing times and technologies. The last part of the marketing mix (Promotion) refers to the communication strategies used to spread
information about the firm, products, and to encourage more customers. What distinguishes us from competitors from major factories, we will not have a plan for any visual advertisement through daily newspapers or television, as we will only announce officially through social media and by displaying the produced devices in the agreed display windows in the major stores, where it is agreed with them to sell for and profitable – the goal The most important thing is that it aims to reduce the cost to the final consumer, as the factory receives old and used devices, as well as seminew ones. We can replace them with more advanced, highly efficient devices at low cost and save electrical energy.
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