Charles is the owner of Le Man Florist, located in Tsim Sha Tsui, which opens 25 days a month, selling fresh and dried flowers. It aims to provide a 99.99% service level to its customers. The florist’s bestseller is the tulips from the Netherlands, which is ordered daily to meet regularly demand. Over the past month, the owner noticed that the demand for purple roses has risen and is sold out quickly daily hence he decides to order more and keep extra in its warehouse just in case the demand rises again. As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, the owner needs to start planning for the number of red roses to order. Meanwhile, the store assistant notified Charles that the supplier in USA has already sent out the blue hydrangeas and it is on its way to Hong Kong using air transport. Finally, as Christmas is only a few days away, Charles asked the store assistant to put up some miniature Christmas trees all around the shop for decoration purposes.

From the case scenario above, identify FIVE different types of inventory. Please type your answers in the blank space below.

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