Project Management Part E 1. Kimpel Products makes pizza ovens for commercial use. James Kimpel, CEO, is contemplating producing smaller ovens for use in high school and college kitchens. The activities necessary to build an experimental model and related data are given in the following table. Activity Predecessors Duration Maximum (Weeks) Reduction (Weeks) A 2 B 1 3 2 Crash Cost Per Week $1,150 $2,540 $360 $1.250 $920 $4,860 $2,180 E F G A B ? DE 1 3 3 1 2 7 6 2 4 (a) What’s the duration of the whole project? (b) Crash this project to 10 weeks at the least cost. (c) Crash this project to 7 weeks (which is the maximum it can be crashed) at the least cost.

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