When George checks the amount of output that the employees have completed, he is performing which of the following management functions? Controlling O Leading Planning Organizing 1 Entrepreneurship Scenario 1 – Questions 1 till 5 George, an operation manager knows how to provide positive motivation to his employees to keep his department running smoothly. Also, he knows how to communicate thoughts and ideas clearly to different audiences. On a Monday morning George decides how many units of output his employees should produce. He also decides which employee will operate which machines. Afterwards, he informs his employees of their assignments to specific machines by handing out assignment sheets. He tells the employees that the schedule is going to be difficult this week due to the increased number of units that have to be produced. He goes on to tell them that he is sure they can fulfill the schedule because they are such good and skilled employees Each day during the week. George checks the amount of output that the employees have completed and the number of units that have been rejected
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