Writing a Persuasive Memo

Directions: Using the following information, write a memo to persuade employees to enroll in the wellness program. The memo should contain four paragraphs, with one paragraph for each section of the AIDA model (attention, interest, desire, and action). All the information is not required, and additional details may be added to employ the AIDA method.

Notes on Wellness Program

Insurance premiums have outpaced inflation in the past 5 years, increasing by 10% each year. Numerous studies have shown that participation in company wellness programs can help employees prevent adult-onset diabetes and can also reduce hypertension and high blood pressure. Thus, wellness programs are considered an important component of preventive health care, which can lead to healthier lives and reduced medical problems and expenses. For these reasons, this company is launching a wellness program in an effort to improve employees’ health, which can help everyone lower health care costs.

Title of Program: “Fit for Life”

Cost: Free to all employees

Dates: Begins January 4

Informational meeting at 9 a.m. on November 11 in Room 100

Features: Health screenings

Seminars on health topics


Consultation with personal trainer

On-site exercise classes

On-site weight room and exercise equipment

Nutritional counseling

Benefits $10 monthly discount in health insurance premiums for registered participants

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