Q The memory is still firmly stuck in the box of my mind. Inner sadness is never far from my heart. Sometimes from early morning, I serve my memories of The bitter tragedy that befell me and my family. It is very difficult for me to accept the veil the night I’m going to face after my father’s death two months ago. This is due My father answered the Divine call as night fell. My mind became more confused when my family rediscovered the warmth that dad spilled on us during his lifetime. Now everything is extinct. You’re the eldest child in the family, I hope you don’t let go just like that the burden of the family that the father has borne all this time. Everything has been dad entrust it to you, don’t you forget your father’s order. ” I just nodded the sign understand. “Stop it, don’t talk too much, you’re sick, rest.” Mother’s advice between listen with no. Dad just blossomed a smile even though it was bland. I watched my family’s gloomy faces change. On the porch I saw my sisters pensive, the gloom that pervaded their hearts was evident. Dwarf body they seem helpless in the face of any possibility. In the corner My room, it looks like Usu’s mother is sitting alone. Indeed, Mak Usu is very friendly with father, perhaps because of the love shed by his brother that’s since grandma died. I returned my gaze to my father. The journey of his breath undulating like waves. He is half -conscious. Seeing her hair turn white and Dad’s old wrinkles and his limp face, I can guess he bears a lot punishment for the sake of raising us all. Dad’s breath was rippling suddenly stopped. I was anxious and worried if dad’s departure was a reality. “Mother, father is gone. Dad left us, mom! ” I was very surprised to hear my words. While getting my sisters him rushed to the side of the bed. I still vaguely remember how Mak Usu panicked, his face was pale; if tapped it does not bleed. Mak Usu collapsed on the side of his father’s body which has become a corpse. Now the yard of the house is flooded with friends, far and near, next to people who maintains the last service. The voice of people reading Yasin echoed interspersed with the sobs of the family.
“When my father is gone, you study hard. Defend the fate of our family and take care of our hearts Your mother, don’t offend her. Educate your siblings well. ” That is the mandate father two months ago.

PART A (50 marks)
(a) Explain the meaning of the phrase below according to its usage
in the passage above. (20 marks)
i. serve my memories
ii. revealing intimacy again
iii. a gloom that pervades the heart
iv. restore the wink
v. remember vaguely
(b) Answer the following questions based on the passage above. (30 marks)
i. What events did the author’s family experience? (2m)
ii. What was the situation of the writer’s siblings when their father
are you sick (4m)
iii. In your opinion, what is the author’s father’s illness up to him
die? Why do you think so? (6m)
iv. Who is Mak Usus and how is it after father
the author breathed his last? (6m)
v. What is the message of the author’s verse to him? (6m)
vi. In your opinion, will the writer execute the words
his father’s last? Give your reasons

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