Using the AIDA Model

Directions: Read the following paragraphs. Then, in the spaces, write the order in which the paragraphs should appear based on the AIDA model (attention, interest, desire, and action) for persuasive messages.

A. Each month, this company sends about 2,500 pounds of recyclable material to the local landfill. The items used and disposed on a daily basis include copy and printer paper, aluminum cans, and glass containers.

B. Employees can save $100,000 each year by recycling everyday products used in offices. Then, this money can be used to refurbish the break room.

C. To participate in the program, employees need to separate recycle items, using the labeled bins in the inventory room on the first floor. Recycle items today to increase the plant’s savings while reducing use of the community landfill.

D. If employees participate in the new recycling program, the plant will save $75,000 in the reduced fees paid to the landfill from the decrease. Another $25,000 in revenues from recycling this material will be gained. The increased revenues will be used to refurbish the break room. Also, the plant will do its part in reducing waste in the community’s landfill.

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