You joined ABC Company three years ago; you were required to participate in an intensive interview process. After going through preliminary interviews with individuals of the same rank/title and a manager-level person in your department, you then met with the Director of the company. Everyone you met thus far from the organization seemed smart, outgoing, and friendly. Apparently the interview process you should meet with company executives and officers. First, Manager, Second Vice President and finally the CEO of ABC Company. The manager seemed highly meticulous in her interview questions, asking for detail answer to her questions. She posed scenario questions to you regarding situations in which she was involved with tasks assigned on a daily basis. Then you met with the Vice President. He was a graduate of one of the nation’s military academies (it was apparent from the office decorations and diplomas). His questions carried implication regarding your self-organization. Do you make daily lists? How do you prioritize your lists? How do you keep your calendar? He even asked to see your daily planner. Finally, it was time to meet with the CEO. After the interviews with the Manager and the Vice President, you could only imagine what you were getting into with the company’s top leader. When you sat down with the person who had built this incredible company, imagine your surprise when he turned out to be the most pleasant, genuine, thoughtful, and enthusiastic individual you had ever met. He explained that his job as CEO was to ensure that every employee had what they needed to succeed. He told me that if you were hired, he would be working for you. You could not sign up fast enough to join his company!

Following must be in your own words and reflecting your learning.

For Roll No end with 0,1,2 (Trait Theory of leadership)

For Roll No end with 3,4,5 (Behavior Theory of leadership)

For Roll No end with 6,7,8,9 (Contingencies Theory of leadership)

a) What a variety of leadership styles, roles, and behavior and all in one interview process! which interviewer do you think you would work best with? Which style, role and behavior you adopt. Justify your answer with the help of above different leadership theory. (according to your roll number)

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