Consider the following scenario and try the best of your ability to bring a viable solution. Make sure to use all the resources available (such as charts, statistics, and other visual aids in the presentation of your project).

You have been hired as an Athletic Director forGeorgetown College, a school with a long tradition in academics and athletics.Georgetown College is a member of NAIA Division I, and your program sponsors sixteen sports, but financial constraints have limited your ability to do all you wouldlike with your program.Soccer holds a very strong traditional place on campus and in the community. However attendance has dwindled over the past few years, thus producing a large net loss in the program. Your responsibility will be to bring the attendance up by using some marketing strategies mix in this endeavor.

In the marketing strategic mix consider the factors that may affect attendance.

1.How to increase attendance in games held atGeorgetown College?2.What is the target market?3.What are the benefits of the product (features of the sport) that you have to offer?4.Using the 4 Ps of marketing how are you going to reach the consumer with an unforgettable product?5.What are the strategies you will choose to invoke campus and community participation in order to increase attendance?6.You may want to consider the “steak” and “sizzle” approach by tacking on the tangential approach of the product placement.7.Look at the nine-step of the sales process and determine how would you manage the sponsorship sales to help the college overcome its revenue shortfall?8.Once you have secured all the sponsors what strategies are you going to use to activate the sponsorship. Remember the stages included and explain each of them (execution and implementation, leverage and fulfillment).

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