Analyze the following statements from the video and explain whether they have (attempt to have, or fail to have) any legal significance:

  1. Oscar: How much are you asking for the Celica? We’re friends. How about letting me have it for four thousand?
  2. Vinny: I can’t do it. Maybe five…
  3. Oscar: Okay. I’ll take it. But you gotta let me pay you four thousand now and the other thousand in two weeks.
  4. Maria: You want sixty-five hundred for it, right?
  5. Maria: I’ll take it.
  6. Oscar: I just bought it.
  7. Maria: I’ll give you five thousand for it, on the condition that it will pass the smog test (assume that this negotiation is taking place in a State like California that requires any vehicle sold to pass a smog test).
  8. Oscar: I said I’ll pay you five thousand.
  9. Vinny: Is that a firm offer? You’re gonna give me the cash now?
  10. Oscar: Yes. I’ll give you cash. Five thousand. Now.
  11. Vinny: Okay. Deal.
  12. Maria: Fifty-five hundred.
  13. Vinny: You gonna match that offer?
  14. Oscar: What do you mean, match that offer? I just bought the dang car for five thousand. I don’t have to match any offer.
  15. Vinny: Hey, I still had the keys in my hands. That’s what counts. I give you the keys, then I’ve sold it to you.
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