The campaign manager for a doomed candidate is considering the which states to visit during the last frenzied campaign week leading up to the nationwide election. Pennsylvania (P), Wisconsin (W), Florida (F). New York (V), and North Carolina (C) are all aching for one last visit, but the candidate has only 80 hours and $250 million left in her campaign fund. A visit to Pennsylvania takes 10 hours and costs $15 million but earns 1% of the electorate. A visit to Wisconsin takes 15 hours and costs $20 million and earns 1.5%; a visit to Florida is only $8 million but takes 16 hours and eams 2%, and a visit to New York costs $25 million, requires 2 hours and earns 2% of the electorate. North Carolina requires 18 hours and $22 million per trip but earns 3% of the electorate. What is the objective function? MIN 10P+15W+16F+2Y+18C MAX 10P+15W+16F+2Y+18C O MIN 15P+20W+8F+25Y+22C OMAX P+1.5W+2F+2Y+3C
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