The development of the COVID-19 vaccine is an example — probably an extreme one — of the importance of leadership and team commitment to achieving breakthrough results. Typically, it takes about ten years for a vaccine to get to market. But Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine took less than a tenth of that time. And, the vaccines developed by Moderna and AstraZeneca have been on a similar schedule. In the face of the global pandemic, all three have been developed in far less time than anyone thought possible. The extract above is indicative that good leadership is crucial in achieving breakthrough results. Analyse the excerpt and article above and critically discuss:

Among them, we can explore new horizons and redefine what is feasible when we face unique and even unprecedented challenges. In order to explore new horizons and redefine feasibility, conduct a SWOT analysis for Pfizer.

• Refer to statement and article

• Conduct your own online/desktop research to substantiate your answers

• With specific reference to the Pfizer context, critically discuss the various internal and external factors that must be considered when conducting a SWOT analysis.

• Answers should not exceed two (2) page

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