Training Program

Note: The purpose of an effective alcohol service program is twofold. The first purpose is to comply with the requirements of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) or with the mandates of other entities that require proof of competency in the service of alcohol. These other entities may include employers and insurance companies. The second and equally important purpose of a responsible alcohol service training program is to learn how to do what every manager and all beverage service employee should always want to do: serve alcohol safely

Training employees in the safe service of alcohol is one of a beverage manager’s most important jobs. present a short training program for use by servers indicating what they should do if they believe a guest is too intoxicated to be served additional alcohol. You may want to interview an operation or bar manager as part of your research for this project. Indicate these factors for this training program:

Instructions:Design a short training plan serving alcohol in foodservice operations

  1. list the method you will use for teaching the staff (i.e., Managers, Bartenders, and Servers).
  2. offer the basic steps employees should take to implement the intervention (i.e., the training session content).
  3. describe the method you will use to ensure trainees have mastered the information. (this can be written or in a video submission)
  4. built a timetable listing the frequency of refresher training on this topic that is appropriate for ongoing operation employees.
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