Students will use the same small business from Task 1 & 2 but choose different topics from the list provided in the workbook. The topics will be drawn from lecture sessions 7-10. In Workbook 3, you are expected to choose four (4) topics out of 8 given below: 1. Business structure that aligns with environment and strategy (based on Lecture 7) 2. Managing Planned Change (Kurt Levin’s model) (based on Lecture 7) 3. Attracting an effective workforce (based on Lecture 8) 4. Developing an effective workforce (based on Lecture 8) 5. Job Design using JCM (Job Characteristics Model) (based on Lecture 8) 6. House’s Path-Goal Leadership Approach (based on Lecture 9) 7. Transformative Leadership Approach (based on Lecture 9). 8. Different types of controls (based on Lecture 10)

answers any 4 relating to a company in 350 words.

the 4 topics shall be in respect to a company

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