What functions are done by validator controls? How can you set up a validator control?

Describe the purpose and functionality of AJAX. What is meant by open standards?

What is the purpose of XML? of SOAP?

Rewrite your project from Chapter 3 to be a Web project; include validation.

Rough Riders Rodeo wants to sell tickets online. Allow the user to enter the number of tickets needed. The data entry screen should also include the shipping address for the tickets, a credit card number, expiration date, and a drop-down box allowing the user to select the type of credit card. Also include a check box for attending the Awards Event. Include a hyperlink for confirming the order. Make the link invisible to begin but display it after the Submit button has been clicked. The confirmation page should say “Thank you for your order”. The tickets are $15 for just the rodeo, $25 if they want to attend the awards event. Note that all members of the party must select the same type of tickets. When the user selects the Submit button, display the amount due and display a link to confirm the order (make the existing link visible). Use an UpdatePanel to improve performance.

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