‘Traditional vertical organization structures are very limited in a fast-shifting environment.’

Critically discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the above statement. Provide recommendation of which structures are more suitable in today’s world. Support your answers with relevant literature and practical examples.

[Word Count = 2000]


Each question should be submitted in an essay format. There should be an introduction, body, and a conclusion.


Present the central topic explicitly.

Identify the issues and expand on its relevance.

Express the key view – your main argument.


Argument support

Should also present and respond to opposing views whenever they are relevant

Present convincing evidence and reasons in support of your position.

Your argument should have one or more of the following goals:

1. Change the opinion of a reader who holds a different view.

2. Persuade an uninformed reader to adopt your view.

3. Persuade and inform the reader to act.


Sum up what you have been discussing in your essay.

Provide summative information that restates the main points of your argument.

Call for action or overview future possible issues or challenges.


The standard structure and format of the answer should incorporate the following:

(iii) References

(v) Appendices (optional)

All tables and figures are to be renamed as Exhibits and serially numbered, sequentially following references to them in the text. All tables and figures must be presented in the Appendix. Tables and figures should carry explanatory notes or legends for clarity or to indicate the source, as necessary; all abbreviations should be expanded. All exhibits should be in black and white only.


2,000 words maximum for essay question.

Word count includes everything in the main body of the text (including citations, quotes, etc.).

The list of references, appendixes and footnotes are NOT included in the word count

There is ONE standard referencing systems: APA 7th Edition Reference format.

Appendices should be kept to a minimum and only contain reference materials illustrating and supporting arguments made in the main body of the work.


Minimum TEN (10) peer-reviewed journals or books/e-books in total – FIVE (5) peer-reviewed journals for each question. Please use academic sources such as journal articles, conference papers and books, and other sources such as websites and reports to support your answer. As for the web-based sources, it is especially important to consider web-based sources before using them in your essay carefully.

Non-peer reviewed online sources of information such as ‘Wikipedia’, and ‘’ are not acceptable references.

Wikipedia has a wide range of information that can be useful to read when you are first trying to understand a topic. Wiki pages sometimes also have references or links to further information that could be useful for your essay. However, if you take the time to read the sources listed in the References section of a Wikipedia page, these sources themselves may be acceptable if you reference them directly.


The answer must contain:

• A good introduction that presents the central issue and states a clear and arguable thesis

• An honest and intelligent presentation of opposing views, if applicable

• Convincing supporting arguments – persuasive reasons and evidence

• Credible and relevant sources

• Evidence of an effective writing process

• Professional editing and good readability

• A correct documentation of sources in APA 7th Edition Reference format.

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