You have recently been employed as a supervisor at Gen-Pro Commerce Ltd, a small juice manufacturing company located at 15 Jeremiah Drive, Kingston 35. After the third week of your employment in the sales and service department, you identified a number of unacceptable behaviours being displayed by your staff. Some of these related to health and safety, disregard for policies and procedures and poor working relationships.

As you do not intend to “sit back” and allow this to continue, you called an urgent staff meeting to express your feelings and advise the staff of how you intend to deal with the issues.

Following the meeting, you decided to carry out the following tasks:

Task 1

Write a memorandum to all employees in your department advising them of their responsibility to maintain the health and safety of themselves and other employees. Also include in the memorandum a list of ten (10) health and safety behaviours that you expect the staff to practice in the department.

Task 2

Prepare an attractive poster which you will display at strategic locations in the department as a reminder of how to maintain positive work relationships.

The following are guidelines for preparing the poster:

  • Title: “”Contributing to effective workplace relationship through the use of human relations skills”.
  • Paper size: foolscap
  • Appropriate page border, font size and font style
  • Attractive and relevant graphics

Task 3

To ensure that the staff follow the firm’s policy on customer communication, prepare a set of six (6) procedures to guide the staff on “how to handle incoming telephone calls”.

The following are guidelines for the communication procedures on how to handle incoming telephones calls:

  • Title: “Communication procedure on handling incoming telephone calls”
  • Introduction
  • Three (3) aims of the communications procedures
  • The set of six (6) procedures
  • Bibliography
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