(Formulation only please) Johnson’s Inc. is planning to expland its business in Europe by opening new warehouses in order to deliver its products to its clients. Following its policy in the U.S., they would like to deliver them in less than T hours. 1. Formulate a model to help decide the firm how many warehouses have to be located and where to locate them. Define parameters, decision variables, constraints and objective function that you consider appropriate. 2. This year’s budget is quite limited, so finally Johnson’s Inc. decides to open p warehouses in Europe, knowing that not all demand will be served within T hours. Propose a new model to address this issue by maximizing service delivery within T hours. 3. After observing the results of the p locations, the board of directors find that the some of the locations are very expensive, so they decide that, instead of locating p facilities, they will define a Budget B for the new locations, and for each potential facility j they have found the opening cost fj. Add a constraint to address this issue
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