Top-Rated Web Sites for Executives CEO Express Check out CEO Express (, a toprated Web portal for busy executives. See Figure 14.22. The site provides links to top U.S. and international newspapers, business and technology magazines, and news services. Hundreds of links to business and technology research sources and references are provided, as well as travel services, online shopping, and recreational Web sites. Premium services include e-mail, contact management, calendaring and scheduling, community networking, and powerful information organizing and sharing tools.

a. Evaluate the CEO Express Web site as a source of useful links to business and technology news, analysis, and research sources for business executives and professionals.

b. Compare CEO Express with Google News ( and Google IG ( .com/ig). What advantages does CEO Express provide?

c. Select the featured article from the “Editor’s Corner.” What was the source? Summarize the article. Was it useful to you?

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