Working in home health care I understand the importance of organizations achieving Joint Commission accreditation. When organizations are accredited by Joint Commission it positively affects the quality of care the patients are receiving and the organizations have improved processes that do not increase the workload for the staff (Shawan, 2021). The Joint Commission requires home health agencies to provide each patient with a skill each visit, provide clean techniques with each patient, complete required documentation timely, and perform procedures in the home per protocol. In home health, each billable visit has to be completed with a skill of a procedure or approved education or the visit is not able to be billed to insurance companies. Documentation also has to be completed within 24 hours or reimbursement will be decreased by the insurance provider. Procedures and clean techniques have to be maintained when the inspection is completed by Joint Commission or the home health company can lose their accreditation. Having this accreditation allows for the home health company to continue to receive referrals from physicians and hospitals to increase their revenue, without the accreditation hospitals are unable to send referrals to these companies.

According to the statement above what can one agree and or disagree with? Please answer this question ASAP.

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