Analyze a real-world
business problem.

Submission Instructions

This project involves
students analyzing a real-world business problem. The business problem will be
presented to the class by the instructor at the start of the course. The
business problem could be in the form of a case study or a short video
discussing a specific IT-related problem relating to an organization You will
critically analyze the case study/video, summarize the key ideas, discuss the
IT challenges, and present your recommendations.

This report will be organized as follows:

1. Introduction – Short summary of the
business problem. This section will also include a background of the

2. Challenges – Provide for a brief
descriptics of the challenges that the organization is facing and how they are
planning to address them. This section will provide the audience with a picture
of how the organization is planning to address some of the challenges.

3. Change Management – Discuss how change is
being managed by the organization.

4. Recommendations –
Discuss what you would have done differently and why.

5. Conclusions – Discuss
the lessons learned and the key messages that you would like the audience to
take away Le narda

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