Complete ( marketing mix – people ) . Consider who your target customer is, their attitudes, skills, needs and behaviour. What are their tastes and dislikes? Business staff can also be included here. Do they need training? How are their selling and customer service skills?

Answer :
Zelesta is an organization that plans and
fabricates products for kids, ladies, children, and men. It has an extraordinary line of products that offer to mold cognizant individuals searching for something new and most recent.
Zelesta has a strong and far-and-wide channel of conveyance. It works on a worldwide basis across an organization of almost 2,000 and 200 stores dispersed across 110 nations. The imprint is accessible incorporates outlets and concession stores. Zelesta has executed an establishment plan, and it works its stores under a permit that is answerable for their upkeep. Stores are outfitted with cutting-edge innovation to make the shopping experience consistent and offer immaculate administration.
Zelesta offers products of both superior grade and mid-range quality, yet its product prices are a little higher compared with rival brands. The business has situated itself as a mid-range brand and has executed a mid-premium pricing model for its buyers who are ready to drop some additional bucks for quality attire. Since their purchasers have a place in metropolitan regions, their quality seems modest and reasonable compared with the market esteem.
For its potential benefit, it utilizes stages for print, computerized, electronic, and online media. Utilizing TV, style magazines, and online channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, shrewd and in-vogue showcasing efforts have been dispatched to keep brand mindfulness alive in both disconnected and online business sectors.
The Twitter handle contains various updates on the extravagance restricted version set, its Facebook page shows photographs of ongoing promotions and plays its playlist, and Instagram coordinates inspirational statements and content identified with Zelesta. After a couple of moments of perusing the authority site, a crate springs up requesting authorization to associate with your email address and get warnings furnishing direct contact with the client.

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