The most important goal for an airline is to keep aircraft in air besause only. flight provides cost decreasing and profit generating. Different aircraft types have different costs – Suppose that the small airline company with 2 Types of aircraft and 3 Routes seeks the possible way, of cost minimization Suppose that a small airlins company plans to apskate with 2 types of aircraft to fly 3 toutes. Both types of aircraft must be involved into operations for 3 routes. Let the volume of the aircraft “i” be “A,” passengers. let the total number of passengers carried on the soute “j” during the year be exactly. “D” and the cost of operating the aircraft ®ï on a given toute jº be “C” Let the decision variable ‘ij defines the amount of aircraft flights for Type ion route j where i = 1, 2 and j = 1,2,3. The airline manager aims to determine the amount of flights. aircraft type and soute that will minimize the cost under the transportation demand constraints for routes. Consider the data below and answer the following questions: Types of aircraft and the volumes: Type 1: A1 = 12 seat- Type 2: A2 = 15 seat Total demand of transportation (1 year): 1st route__D1= 5400 pass 2nd route_D2= 1350 pass 3rd route D3 = 2700 pass Cost of operation per route: C11 = 100 C12 = 196 C13 = 292 C21 = 156 Cz2 = 306 C23 = 456 a) Write the LP model based on the given information above b) Use Excel-spreadshest solver to find the optimal amount of flights to perform on certain aircraft type and the route c) As an output. please provide your Excel template file and Solver outputs. Interpret your findings
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