Complete – Physical Evidence – People – Process For Zelesta costumes.
Zelesta marketing mix involves a diverse set of strategies for its product lineup, place, distribution, and promotion also the company uses different pricing strategies. 1-prorduct If you want to celebrate a family event or a global frightening celebration like Halloween, we have some Zelesta costume ideas for kids and adults that will exceed your expectations.
Whether you are looking to dress up like princesses, masks, magical outfits or wigs. the options within the world of Zelesta are endless.
Let’s start from being ready to that celebration which make you dance on your own. Zelesta is your shortest way to happiness, with zalesta don’t worry about your special dress that will make your smile for granted.
Zelesta products are variant, endless, adorable, funny, sexy, and much more For sure with high quality. “What is zelesta? Zelesta is a multinational company of Chinese origin which designs and fabricates variety products
Costumes for kids, ladies, children, and men. The company does not outsource its manufacturing process, making it fully in control of the products it produces.
All the zelesta’s products are supervised and checked by the company, all the details are under control even the small ones from production until Delivering, It has an extraordinary line of products that offer to mold cognizant individuals searching for something new and most recen…
The main store of our company located in China and has several authorized agents in several cities such as Istanbul, Dubai, Washington, Ottawa, London, Riyadh, Beirut, Paris, and others. Our factory supplies products to these agents in different quantities, also distribute products to retailers and online shopping sites on demand. Also, we are present at events related to fashion and clothing. We target the audience who frequents celebrations and is interested in masquerade parties, especially in the American and European continents, due to the spread of this type of events and celebrations.
Also, we always try to enable customers to get our products at the right time and in the right place, and we try to have our products available in the marketsthroughout the year without interruption so as not to let competitors dominate the market. One of the reasons for the success of our brand is that we are always around the customer, so if someone thinks of buying a masquerade costumes and does a simple Search for his/her request, our products will always be among the available options and the best in terms of quality, price, shapes and designs. We are working to store our products in the main and important ports and warehouses located in the capitals of large countries and in cities where many residents live, and we also try to have our products in all electronic platforms for easy access and easy search. We also have a special website where we display and promote our products on it. Our designers also try to attend all the events that revolve around fashion and clothing to
reach the customers and make them feel that we are with them and around them.
– Price:
It is known that the price of the product is the first thing that the customer asks about, so we are very interested in the price issues of our products, especially that our products considered as inferior products, which is not necessary for everyone to buy costumes. People can spend their entire lives without needing to buy a single costume, so we decided to sell our products at the lowest price we can.
Let’s first look at the production costs of our products (manufacturing costs). As for the full masquerade costumes its costs us about 10 to 13 dollars, and this is the most expensive product we have, followed by the masquerade shoes, which have a production cost ranges between 4 to 6 dollars, and for the masks and wig, their cost ranges between 1 to 2 dollars.
Selling price:
In the other hand we have the selling price, Our company has designed a very clear pricing architecture in order to win the market customers and stay within the competition. As you know, we manufactured all our productsin China, and the most of our products is selling out of China so we are under the influence of shipping costs, taxes, etc. so, for the prices of the products we sell outside China, the goal was to earn a 10 dollar for each one piece after calculating the total cost of shipping taxes and manufacturing costs. for that our products prices change slightly from one country to another due to different laws, fees and taxes.
The selling price of the productsto the customers may increase or decrease by 1 to 3 dollar depending on the country they purchase from.
The prices for a global electronic platformsthat use Chinese shipping companies or that provide shipping services from China, our goal was not to earn more than 8 dollar each piece after calculating total costs. Finally, the selling price inside China, which is the cheapest of course, our goal was a 5 dollar each piece.

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