Which of the following are tasks to be done when closing a shift? *

A. Run the PMS report

B. Print Front office report

C. Attend handing over meeting

D. Check no show list

E. A & B

F. C& D

G. A & C

George the front desk agent printed off the list of the rooms expected to be vacated for the day, this list is called…… *

A. Guest history list

B. A departure list

C. A room cleaning list

D. A room status list

Rosa was in the process of booking a reservation for the guest, she describe the room as : an accommodation which includes a bedroom with one king size bed and a sitting area, which of the flowing room types best fit that description *

A. A flat

B. Double room

C. Suite

D. A connecting room

All guest charges for all guests are maintained by the front office, Identify the document in which this information is held. *

A. The ledger

B. The city ledger

C. The Transfer slip

D. The Invoice

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