1. Consider and choose a product or service that does not live up to its expectations
  2. Conduct research on the product of your choosing and make sure to include your source within the paper. You can use the eLibrary, Internet, or ProQuest.
  3. The report should include the sources of your information: author’s name, website name, newspaper titles, dates of publication, etc. If you do not include your sources within your writing, you will need to use APA format.
  • For example: “According to a July 2015 article in the New York Times, “Mileage Maker Plus” has been pulled from shelves of auto supply stores. According to . . . “
  1. In your report, explain the product or service. Then, explain the problem or issue with the product. What was the response to the product or the outcome as far as fines or other penalties. Was there any public reaction or outcry because of this product? Finally, explain what you would do to fix the product or service or what alternative you would recommend instead.
  2. Write your report in several paragraphs for a total of 150-200 words. Use your best writing skills.


  1. Submit a brief, 150-200 word report of a product or service that misrepresents, exaggerates, or plainly falsifies its features or benefits
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