You are a human resource professional working at a community center. The community center provides a place for local youth to drop-In and community members to come together for sporting activities, celebrations and support. The community has faced challenging economic times and which has increased challenges among the population. You have been asked to plan for the recruitment of facility support workers who will be scheduled to work in various positions around the community center. The positions will include things like setting up for events, cleaning the facilities, checking patrons into various events, and supervising the youth center. These types of positions are usually very challenging to fill, but they lead quickly to permanent full-time employment. The community center has had some unfortunate challenges in the recent past when facility support workers have escalated situations in the youth center and with patrons dealing with mental health issues. It is important the community support center remains a place where all members of the community are welcome. You want to ensure that all candidates are suited for the position and that the recruitment process is done properly.

1. List and briefly explain at least three types of testing that should be included in the screening process. Be sure to give support as to why you have chosen these three testing methods. (4 marks) 2 Before a selection decision is made, Information about the applicants must be collected from various sources and combined in an effective way. Describe the statistical or judgmental approach that you will use for the collection and combination of Information. (1 mark)

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