Report on Floor Diagram and Logistics and staffing and equipment contract

This report is directly related to the venue for the Reception and Dinner functions.

You are expected to create the floor diagram for the event ?? showing the layout of the event from a front of house and back of house perspective. You should be sure to include as many details as you can about placement of furnishings, de´cor, entertainment/production elements and food/beverage stations.

Be prepared to walk us through the event, clearly explaining the event layout and logistics.

  • You should include a legend to identify symbols with each floor plan.
  • You will also be expected to utilize best practices for such things as set-up, service, food safety and the required space for each menu selection.
  • The final floor plan must be submitted as an electronic copy
  • Outline the logistics of what items are outsourced and their location on thediagram, such as rentals, entertainment, audio visual, etc.


Your final floor plan may be clearly hand drawn or completed with an online diagram tool such as Paint, SmartDraw or similar. Unfortunately, SmartDraw software is not available on campus. Please determine if another software tool (such as Visio) will suffice, or source a floor plan from the venue you have selected.

*Multiple diagrams for different areas can be submitted.

Assignment on Event Project Plan (Response to RFP) includes Peer Review Evaluation

In all elements of this assignment consideration must be given to could this really take place? Realistically how would this happen, a deep market event no matter how over the top, as far as the idea goes MUST be logistically possible in the timeframe available, location booked, group involved, budget allowed, etc. You need to be able to execute what you sold to the client in the pitch.

Your final Event Project Plan is to include ALL the following sections:

a) Timeline and or Schedule of Events for the Themed Evening, including Reception and Dinner including set-up/load in, running the event, tear-down/load out.

b) A copy will be

i. ii. iii.

iv. v. vi.

The themed event usually includes entertainment elements ?? live music or a performance of some kind. Be sure to consider:

  1. How does this affect timing for set-up if there need to be rehearsals or sound checks?

  2. What impact does it have to the program & timing for the functions???? and therefore, the food you might recommend or serve?

Also include key elements such as:

  1. Kitchen truck arrival time

  2. Event service staff arrival time/departure time

  3. Bar setup time/ bar closing time

  4. Timings of each course

  5. Unloading time

of the final menus should be included, including a mockup of the menu card that given to each guest.
The reception should include a minimum of 6 (six) choices of hot and cold hors d??oeuvres as well as a signature cocktail that ties into the theme of the event?? Dinner will be a minimum of four (4) course menu that integrates the over-all theme of the event.

Outline cost for each course and for appetizers must be included in the budget summary. Individual menu cards will be positioned at each place setting. Outline of dietary, religious and special meals needed.
Final Bar offerings

Final signature cocktails with custom themed name (alcohol/non-alcohol)

c) Confirmation of the style of service & why you are recommending this.

  1. This information should build off the initial presentation about your theme

  2. You should clearly state why this style of service enhances the over-all food &

    beverage experience for the target audience. 18

  1. d) What are the entertainment elements ?? live music or a performance of some kind?

    1. Describe the entertainment and explain how it fits with your theme

    2. How does this affect timing for set-up/rehearsals?

  2. e) What is the de´cor?

i. Specifically, how does it enhance and fit the theme?

f) What is the rental equipment required?

iii. Specify how some key rental pieces will enhance the guest experience

g) How many and what is the staff breakdown required to execute these functions? (Front of the house and back of the house)

  1. How many are needed and how will they provide superior service?

  2. What will the event staff uniform be?

  3. What are some of their tasks and job descriptions?

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