Companies are embracing social responsibility to boost positive brand recognition, increase customer loyalty and to attract greater talent. All of these lead to increased profitability and sets the groundwork for longer term financial success (Murphy, 2021). At the same time companies are adapting new policies to solve recurring issues and help guide new strategies. These policies are essential as they set boundaries and constraints to limit administrative actions to reward or address behavior. They also provide controls and coordination in the organization while setting expectations for employees and management to align, increasing the likelihood of success. Policies also assist in reducing manager’s decision-making time and clarifies who and what tasks are to be accomplished. Policies also define actions steps that can or cannot be taken to accomplish the company’s objectives (David, David, & David, 2020).

Amazon has embraced social responsibility and have demonstrated this through their environmental efforts, commitment to their customers and creating a great work environment for employees. As we continue in our CLC group we must make sure that our recommendations are not only aligned with the company mission and vision but push forward by keeping stakeholders’ best interest in mind to increase customer and employee loyalty while continuing to lower the barriers to reach and improve more people’s lives.

Do you agree. Please explain.

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