Module 5 Discussion – Contract law versus the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

As you remember from contracts, an offer can be revoked until accepted by the other party. But is that still the case under the UCC? Please read the following fact pattern and tell me in at least one paragraph if under the UCC, this type of offer, known as a “firm offer” can be revoked within the specified time period? If so, how is this different from a traditional contract offer between two individuals?

Bolt Motors, U.S.A. sent the Texarkana Forklift Company a firm offer for between 10 and 100 forklifts (model no. FGFL-800XL) at $28,000 each. The offer was signed, and it said on its face it was irrevocable and would expire in 60 days. Bolt Motors then said they revoked the offer. Can Texarkana accept the offer and enforce it as a contract?

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