You are going to manage a Software Project. The Project team that you have access to consist of the following people and roles:

? 01 Administrator- available during the entire project.

? 02 Project Manager (that is you) – available during the entire project.

? 03 Software Developers- available during the entire project.

? 04 Customer Representative- only available for X weeks (where X= sum of your roll number, suppose your roll number is 490, X=4+9+0=13).

? 05 Requirement Engineering- only available for Y weeks. (Where Y= first-two digit of your roll number, suppose your roll number is 090, Y=09).

It is up to you to decide how many of these roles and people you would like to use (as long as you follow the restriction on availability), you’re learning must reflect some implementing change in the project, when you would like to use them and for which of the activities given above.

What will be the salient features of different frameworks of Lewin’s Three-Step Change Model through which all of the above tasks can be achieved?

i. You used the data you collected in order to arrive at the most informed decisions possible regarding implementing changes to the organization. What steps would you follow and what information would you used? Justify your answer in your own words.

ii. It is now time to execute the reorganization of Informational Systems in the project.

Describe how you would implement the following scenario according to your roll number.

For (centralization and decentralization of Finance)

For (centralization and decentralization of HR)

For (centralization and decentralization of Inventory)

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