Part I(Loyalty Program and Distribution Strategy): One existing loyalty program that hospitality or tourism industries (e.g., accommodations, restaurants, airlines, rental cars, theme parks, cruise lines, casinos, etc.) are using should be identified through an Internet search. Discuss what marketing tactics/campaigns/techniques/ your chosen organization use to reach customers and what loyalty programs they currently offer. Suggest how distribution channels (also called marketing channels) the organization should try that will reach customers and will help boost customer loyalty. Include your marketing ideas or recommendations to adopt during and after Covid-19.

Part II (Online Reviews Analysis): After reading reviews, identify customers’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction/complaint issues. Also, identify reviewers’ suggestions/recommendations/tips for readers. If the organization responded positive/negative reviews, explain how they responded to and what they offer to reviewers (e.g., free coupon/voucher, discounts, or free service). Lastly, provide your marketing/ managerial suggestions for the organization (e.g., what aspects/services/products should be improved to retain or win back customers; how to manage online reputation). ).

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