Place branding (includes place marketing and place promotion) is a term based on the idea that “cities and regions can be branded,” whereby branding techniques and other marketing strategies are applied to “the economic, political and cultural development of cities, regions and countries.”[1] As opposed to the branding of products and services, place branding is more multidimensional in nature, as a ‘place’ is inherently “anchored into a history, a culture, an ecosystem,”[2]:189 which is then incorporated into a network of associations, “linking products, spaces, organizations and people.”[3]:6 As such, the concepts of nation branding, region branding, and city branding (also known as urban branding), fall under the umbrella term of place branding.

Question: Do you think Place Branding is essential for a destination to achieve marketing success? If so, share why and if not also explain why you do not think Place Branding is essential for a Destination to reap marketing success.

5 marks

Please note this is a Destination and Attraction Marketing question. Also falls under Tourism.


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