it is a project management course

1. Projects delivered in a multicultural environment should:

A.Ensure that each culture is managed individually based on cultural norms.

B.Integrate all cultures into a common team culture that recognizes the cultural differences.

C.Integrate all cultures into a common team culture that focuses on the project’s success.

D.Operate based on the culture of the largest team.


You have been informed that your project has been cancelled. What should you do next?

A.Immediately schedule a meeting with the project sponsor to try to have the project restarted.

B.Execute the closing process to properly close the canceled project.

C.Meet with human resources to determine your next assignment.

D.Meet with the team to develop a plan to accelerate all project deliverables in an attempt to have the project restarted.

3. Which of the following is not required interpersonal skill for a project manager?



C.Conflict management

D.Requirements analysis

4. What are the three key competencies for a project manager?

A.Leadership, performance, and courage

B.Knowledge, leadership, and soft skills

C.Leadership, personality, and scheduling

D.Leadership, performance, and soft skills

5. You are the project manager of a large project that spans the United States. Your project team is non-collocated so your communication and travel demands are high. You’ve made it known that no changes can enter the project unless the stakeholder wanting the change completes a change request through your web-based change request form. It has come to your attention that Scotty, a developer in Phoenix, has been allowing stakeholders to request changes to his work. What must you do in this scenario?

A.Implement corrective action so Scotty won’t allow any more changes to the project work without using the change control system.

B.Inspect the changes that have entered the project and then have Scotty reverse any changes you do not approve of.

C.Meet with Scotty and his supervisor to discuss what discipline is most appropriate.

D.Meet with your project team members and key stakeholders in Phoenix and discuss in detail the change management processes you’ve established.

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