1. Research and identify three (3) techniques to manage team health and wellbeing in The School Café front-of-house team – remember to include the link as evidence of your research
  2. Then implement these three (3) techniques by describing how you would implement them, the person responsible and the timeframe.

The School Café

Techniques to manage Front-of-house team health and wellbeing


Research link

Why would this benefit staff?

How this technique would be implemented

Who is responsible for this

EXAMPLE: Paying employees to do community service e.g. volunteering hospitality services to homeless



Volunteering what we already know how to do to people who need our help shows us that our work has a sense of purpose. This makes use feel good about what we do and helps with our self-esteem and overall mental health


We would have our chefs’ volunteer in the volunteer organisation’s kitchen (paid by The School Café) preparing means. Baristas would also serve coffees and beverages, assisted by the servers for one day per month. This would be done together to build group cohesion.


Restaurant Manager has overall responsibility. However, Assistant Manager would be in charge of co-ordinating activities in conjunction with Executive Chef.

Operations Manager and General Manager need to give approval for financial resources.

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