1. “By the middle of the 18th century, religious developments in the thirteen colonies indicated”

the supremacy of the Anglican church

religious leaders dominated political affairs

separation of church and state was an established principle

religious toleration had made significant headway

  1. Which of the following is NOT an accepted theory about why the Salem witch trials occurred?

mold on rye bread caused the girls to hallucinate

the girls enjoyed being the center of attention

the families had economic motives for accusing some members of Salem of witchcraft

Roger Williams challenging of church authority directly caused the girls to make their accusations

  1. The most important result of King Philip s War was that

Native Americans were banished to reservations in Oklahoma

the profitable fur-trading business went exclusively to the Americans and the French

the settlers of New England no longer faced any serious organized Native American resistance

the Native Americans in the Chesapeake area refuse

d to continue helping the English settlers

  1. “In the 18th century, which colonies had the greatest degree of religious toleration?”

Virginia and Maryland

North and South Carolina

Massachusetts and Connecticut

Rhode Island and Pennsylvania

please answer all 4. ill give you 2 likes from 2 different acoounts

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