Middleware is software used to:
A. connect processes running on different computer systems across a network.
B. integrate a computer’s operating system and its applications.
C. connect a computer system to the network.
D. support agile process redesign.
E. provide best business practices to ERP systems.
1. Choose the most appropriate management science technique for making decisions under
A. Linear Programming
B. Non-linear Programming
C. Integer Programming
D. Decision Tree
2. Choose the most appropriate management science technique to select the best alternative
among multiple alternatives given.
A. Linear Programming
B. AHP: Analytical Hierarchy Process
C. Non-linear Programming
D. Integer Programming
3. Choose a wrong explanation about the linear programming.
A. Multiple solutions may exist.
B. No solution may be found.
C. Solutions always are integers.
D. Usually the objective is either to maximize or minimize.
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