Figure 5–15 is a draf o the instructions or the GrillWizard. You are a riend and neighbor o the owner and ounder o Fierce Products, a new company in Lubbock that manuactures the GrillWizard. Fierce Products is a amily-owned company with 45 employees. Te owner (whose spouse composed this draf version) has hired you to revise the design o the instructions in order to ensure sae and effi cient operation o the product as well as to convey a positive impression o the quality o Fierce Products. Afer you revise the design o this document, you will return it to the company owner or final approval. Fierce Products is ready to release the GrillWizard to market. As soon as the instructions are ready, the product will be boxed and shipped. Te sooner you submit your revised design, the sooner Fierce Products will start making money

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