Code the necessary statements to produce a color dialog box and use it to change the background color of a label.

Explain the difference between a sub procedure and a function procedure.

What is a return value? How can it be used?

Explain the differences between ByRef and ByVal. When would each be used?

Modify Programming Exercise 4.6 (piecework pay) to replace buttons with menus and add a function procedure. This project will input the number of pieces and calculate the pay for multiple employees. It also must display a summary of the total number of pieces, the number of workers, the total pay, and the average pay for all employees.

Menu: The menu bar must have these items:

Piecework workers are paid by the piece. Workers who produce a greater quantity of output may be paid at a higher rate.

Use text boxes to obtain the name and the number of pieces completed. The Calculate Pay menu item calculates and displays the dollar amount earned. The Summary menu item displays the total number of pieces, the total pay, and the average pay per person in a message box. The Clear menu choice clears the name and the number of pieces for the current employee and resets the focus. The Color and Font items should change the color and font of the information displayed in the Amount Earned control. Use a message box to display the program name and your name for the About option on the Help menu. Write a function procedure to find the pay rate and return a value to the proper event procedure.

Note: For help in basing a new project on an existing project, see “Basing a New Project on an Existing Project” in this chapter.

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