Redo the checking account programming exercises from Chapter 4 (4.3, 4.4, and 4.5) using menus and sub procedures.


Form: Use radio buttons to indicate the type of transaction—deposit, check, or service charge. Use a text box to allow the user to enter the amount of the transaction. Display the balance in a ReadOnly text box or a label. Include validation that displays a message box if the amount of the transaction is a negative number. If there is not enough money to cover a check, display a message box with the message “Insufficient Funds.” Do not pay the check, but deduct a service charge of $10. Write function procedures for processing deposits, checks, and service charges. The deposit function adds the deposit to the balance; the check function subtracts the transaction amount from the balance; the service charge function subtracts the transaction amount from the balance. Each of the functions must return the updated balance. The Summary menu item displays the total number of deposits and the dollar amount of deposits, the number of checks, and the dollar amount of the checks in a message box.

The Clear menu item clears the radio buttons and the amount and resets the focus. The Color and Font menu items change the color and font of the balance. Use a message box to display the program name and your name as the programmer for the About option on the Help menu.

Note: For help in basing a new project on an existing project, see “Basing a New Project on an Existing Project” in this chapter.

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