Create a project that will switch a light bulb on and off, using the user interface shown below as a guide. Form: Include a text box for the user to enter his or her name. Create two picture boxes, one on top of the other. Only one will be visible at a time. Use radio buttons to select the color of the text in the label beneath the light bulb picture box. Include keyboard access keys for the radio buttons and the buttons. Make the Exit button the Cancel button. Create ToolTips for both light bulb picture boxes; make the ToolTips say “Click here to turn the light on or off.” Project Operation: The user will enter a name and click a radio button for the color (not necessarily in that order). When the light bulb is clicked, display the other picture box and change the message below it. Concatenate the user name to the end of the message. The two icon files are Lightoff.ico and Lighton.ico and are found in the following folder:

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