Write a project to display the flags of four different countries, depending on the setting of the radio buttons. In addition, display the name of the country in the large label under the flag picture box. The user also can choose to display or hide the form’s title, the country name, and the name of the programmer. Use check boxes for the display/hide choices. Include keyboard access keys for all radio buttons, check boxes, and buttons. Make the Exit button the Cancel button. Include ToolTips. You can choose the countries and flags.

Hints: When a project begins running, the focus goes to the control with the lowest TabIndex. Because that control likely is a radio button, one button will appear selected. You must either display the first flag to match the radio button or make the focus begin in a different control. You might consider beginning the focus on the button. Set the Visible property of a control to the Checked property of the corresponding check box. That way when the check box is selected, the control becomes visible. Because all three selectable controls will be visible when the project begins, set the Checked property of the three check boxes to True at design time. Set the flag picture box to Visible = False so it won’t appear at startup. (If you plan to display the picture box at startup, its Visible property must be set to True.) Make sure to set the SizeMode property of the picture box control to StretchImage.

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